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Performance Venues

Music of the Baroque performs at the Harris Theater in Millennium Park and the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts in Skokie. Holiday concerts are performed in several city and suburban churches. Please click on a venue name to view more information.

Holiday Concert Venues

Directions and Parking

Please choose a venue name for more information on how to get to our concerts and where to park.

Holiday Concert Venues

Hotels and Restaurants

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Holiday Concert Venues

At the Performance

To help make your experience more enjoyable, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Music of the Baroque performances.

When should I arrive?

Allow enough time for travel, parking, picking up or purchasing tickets, and getting into your seat before the concert is scheduled to begin. The box office opens one hour before the concert, and the concert hall doors open one half hour before the concert.

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How do I find my seats?

Ushers will assist you in finding your seats.

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What happens if I’m late?

Latecomers will be seated at the discretion of management, usually at the first appropriate pause in the program. Please note that the seating break for some performances may not occur until intermission.

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What if I’m in a wheelchair or need special accommodations?

All Music of the Baroque performance venues are accessible. As facilities vary from location to location, please request assistance from the Box Office when ordering to ensure the most comfortable seating.

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May I bring my child?

Children eight years old or older are welcome at Music of the Baroque concerts.

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May I leave my cell phone on in case someone needs to reach me?

Out of respect for the audience and performers, all electronic devices with ringers or alarms must be turned off during the performances.

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Where are restrooms and telephones located?

The locations of restrooms and telephones are listed on the last page of concert program books.

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How long is a typical concert?

Most Music of the Baroque concerts are approximately two hours in length, including a 15-minute intermission. Concerts containing a single work may be performed without intermission.

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When should I applaud?

Many classical works have three or more movements or sections. Applause is customary after the completion of the last movement of each work. If you are unsure, you can wait for the rest of the audience to clap before you join in.

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